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Independence Square in Accra, Ghana
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General Itinerary

The basics to before you leave.
Week 1
December 21–23
Arrive in Accra.
December 23–27
Travel and stay in Kumasi for Christmas holiday.
Week 2
December 27–January 5
Travel back to Accra to attend Afro Future Fest and New Year’s celebrations.
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Preparation Timeline

By June 2023
🛂 Passport: Get your passport if you don’t have one. It takes 6–11 weeks to process. Make sure your passport doesn’t expire before mid-July 2024. You cannot travel with a passport that expires within 6 months of your arrival flight.
💉 Required Vaccination: You are required to have the yellow fever vaccine before you apply for your visa.
💉 Recommended Vaccinations: COVID-19 vaccine (see details below), Malaria medication, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Rabies, Meningitis and all other routine vaccines.
CDC Recommendations
By October 2023
🛃 Visa: Start your visa application in mid-October. Please note that you cannot start this process earlier than 3 months before your arrival to Ghana. Your visa MUST be used within 3 months of approval (see details below).
Visa Application
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Requirements based on your vaccination status.
Everyone (regardless of vaccination status)
As of May 20, 2023, Ghana does not require COVID vaccination.
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Review the requirements to receive a visa.
Camera, Greetings from Ghana card and other small items
Please review the Visa Form and Checklist so you can see what you need before you apply.
Visa Checklist
How to Apply Video
Visa cost varies between $60–$200, based on amount of entries (single or multiple) and level of service (expedited or regular). It is recommended to purchase a single entry visa (one-time visit) and regular service to get the lowest price.
Processing Timeline
The visa processing time is 15–20 business days after receipt by the Ghanaian embassy. Expedited service is 7 business days.
Letter of Invitation
Depending on your accommodations, you may need a letter of invitation from your host. If you require a letter of invitation, Beatrice will assist you.
Apply for Visa
Apply for Visa online. Print and mail it to the Ghanaian Embassy along with all the required documents from the Visa Checklist.
Apply for Visa
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What to Pack

This is not a comprehensive list but a starting point.
Passport and travel bag
  • Travel outlet adapter: Type D or G
  • Portable phone charger
  • International Phone Plan: Review your options from your phone carrier.
  • Sunscreen and other sun protection (i.e. hats, UPF clothing)
  • Petpo-Bismol
  • Oregano oil
  • Allergy medications
  • Tissue packs and baby wipes (there's no guarantee there will be free tissue in the restrooms)
Printed Documents
  • Reservations
  • Copies of IDs and Passport
  • Port Health Declaration Form
  • Passport
  • Driver's License
  • Vaccine Card or PCR test result
  • Health Insurance card
  • Cash and credit/debit cards
  • Masks
  • Air mattress (with built-in air pump)
  • Sheets
  • Hiking backpack
  • Insect repellant (deet-based)
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Getting Around Ghana

Truck driving down the street in Ghana
Accra to Kumasi by air is 1 hour, $55–$150 roundtrip.
Africa World Airlines and Passion Air operate domestic flights.
Accra to Kumasi by road is 4 hours, $8 by bus each way.
Public buses are ran by Ghana's State Transport Corporation (STC).
Rideshares are handy for downtown travel. Uber and Bolt are most common used in Ghana.
Tro-tros are hop-on-hop-off public buses that average $0.58 for about a 30-minute ride.
Ordinary taxis are not metered, so you'll have to bargain for a fare.
Rideshares are handy for downtown travel. Uber and Bolt are most common used in Ghana.
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Currency Info

1 USD = 12.25 Ghanaian Cedis
Use blue-faced, fresh, crisp $100 bills when exchanging currency.
Stanbic Bank and GTBank are the main financial institutions.
Tipping is not customary for bars and restaurants. Guides should receive tips.
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Top Accra Attractions

The gateway to West Africa
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Top Kumasi Attractions

The Ashanti Region wonder
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More Locations

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